The Dark Knight Rises Review

The Dark Knight Rises is the last of a three-part series based off of the Dark Knight Returns comics. The Dark Knight Rises continues seven years after the death of Harvey Dent or known to few as Two Face. Christian Bale starring as Bruce Wayne, has once again hung up his black cape as he resides in the lonely darkness of his grand mansion enduring the hurt from his loved ones lost and the ridicule of Batman. Now with a new villain on the rise, Bane played by Tom Hardy, Wayne makes the decision to rise against this new enemy who seeks to bring terror through the city of Gotham. Continue reading


Batman as I remember…

When I was young and even now people would ask me who my favorite super hero was, I would tell them Batman proudly. They would then look at me with crazy eyes like out of all super heroes you choose the one with no superpowers? My answer would always be that Batman is the best super hero because he was the hero of the night that beat criminals down to their knees without the help of any mutant super powers. Yes I know Batman has help from his advanced and super cool weapons, but it takes skills and strength to successfully use those weapons to its full potential.

Batman may be one handsome devil inside a suit, but even outside of the suit he is a man who is not rendered helpless, still able to take out an enemy with no help of a weapon unlike some sadistic billionaires *cough* Tony Stark. Continue reading