Bad Boy Villain Naraku

Today marks the beginning of Tuesday’s Bad Boy Villain. Every other Tuesday a character from the realms of anime, sci-fi, comics, video games and more will be chosen to take the septor and title of Bad Boy Villain. Follow up and find out who the new BBV is and what makes them the ultimate Bad Boy Villain in geek history. Everybody loves a boy with a little attitude and a lot of bad assery that quickens your pulse.  No matter how much we know we shouldn’t fall for the bad boy for some they are the female kryptonite. Continue reading


Toonami is finally back

Toonami has officially been announced to rise from the grave Saturday, May 26th on Adult Swim. Toonami has been one of the greatest memories of my childhood, running home from school every day plopping down in front of the box TV screen to watch the latest episodes of Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing and Sailor Moon. Continue reading