The Dark Knight Rises Review

The Dark Knight Rises is the last of a three-part series based off of the Dark Knight Returns comics. The Dark Knight Rises continues seven years after the death of Harvey Dent or known to few as Two Face. Christian Bale starring as Bruce Wayne, has once again hung up his black cape as he resides in the lonely darkness of his grand mansion enduring the hurt from his loved ones lost and the ridicule of Batman. Now with a new villain on the rise, Bane played by Tom Hardy, Wayne makes the decision to rise against this new enemy who seeks to bring terror through the city of Gotham. Continue reading


Wandering through the Dark Shadows

Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins introduces himself to the Collin’s family.

Tim Burton retells the story of Dark Shadows about a noble gentleman named Barnabas Collins cursed as a vampire by a jealous witch. After being imprisoned for 200 dreadful years, the hungry vampire breaks free returning to his ancestral home that lays in gloom inhabited by the dysfunctional Collins family. Attempting to adjust himself to the high times of the 70s, Barnabas devotes himself to protecting the recent generation of Collins from the vengeful witch played by Eva Green. Continue reading