11 Things to Geek your Pad

In preparing to move into my new apartment I have been looking around for furniture and gadgets to decorate my new space. In my voyage to obtain these items I came across many brilliant pieces that would be perfect for the homes of my fellow geeks. Liven up your space with these ten geeky home decor.

1. Han Solo Carbonite Desk

Solo seems to have a problem paying his debts now you can make sure he’ll never slip through your fingers or tentacles again. This Han Solo desk is a replica from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi

2. Nintendo Entertainment System Controller Table

Hit the start button and turn on the T.V. this is a fully functional gaming table. Reminisce over the greatest childhood games like Super Mario or Legend of Zelda while you play over a cup of coffee with this NES Controller TableContinue reading


Wonderland Designs

Jewelry by Wonderland Designs
Photo by Paw Print Photography
Model: Esperanza

Tabatha Clark, jewelry designer and owner of Wonderland Designs, has given people an outlet to fashionably showcase their geek. Clark’s passion for jewelry design started off as a hobby making bottle cap jewelry that showcased characters from sci-fi worlds such as, Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas to characters from Nintendo.

As a single mom her hobby became a full-time job as she sought to make a profit for her creative designs thus leading down the rabbit hole to the creations of Wonderland Designs. Tabby has introduced bright and unique designs to Corpus Christi, Texas bringing a new flavor of style to the south. Continue reading

Banishing stress with the whip of creativity

Light saber steampunked and beautified for the holster of Sith Lord Brittni

When life becomes stressful you can tend to let everything boil inside like a teapot whose lid is ready to blow sky-high burning anyone who may unfortunately be standing too close.  Finding that outlet to release your emotions is vital to the health of you and those around you. Without finding an outlet to release the stress fuming inside can result in scenes that end in a disaster like the numerous explosions the Decepticons unleashed on Chicago in Transformers 3. Continue reading