Welcome to the Dark Side

My name is Brittni Young known to many as Sith Lord Brittni. I graduated from Del Mar College in May 2012 with my Associates in Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations. I will be attending Texas State University beginning the Fall 2012 semester to work on achieving my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Advertising.

I worked with the Foghorn News from August 2011 to May 2012 covering several aspects of the Foghorn News including reporting, photography and page designing. My primary title working for the company was Web Editor where I controlled, edited and created content that went onto the Foghorn website as well as managing their social media accounts.

My main beat in the Foghorn was entertainment and I have had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing several individuals some including:

  • Cirque Du Soleil Dralion Team
  • The After Dark Revue Burlesque
  • Queertini Time
  • Realms Con
  • Concept Galaxy
  • Metal Shop

Working with the Foghorn News I have had the great opportunity to travel around Texas to different Journalism Conferences which included Texas Intercollegiate Press Association (TIPA) and Texas Community College Journalism Association. At the TIPA 2012 conference hosted by Del Mar College I received Honorable Mention for the Newspaper Division 2: Critical Review.

Before working for The Foghorn News I landed my first job at The Childrens Place Company in 2008. I am truly grateful for finding this job as it has allowed me to meet several individuals that have been supportive through my education the three years I have worked there. Here I learned of team work, responsibility and long and tiring nights.

I was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas a city stuck in a runt with evolving with the rest of society, they are slowly getting there. I come from a family of innovative and creative thinkers. My father Larry Young is a writer self publishing his books and continues to write stories for his personal enjoyment. They say daughters are like their fathers so I know where I found my passion for writing. I did discover my passion for writing in early junior high when I began writing Harry Potter fan fictions that ended up spinning into my own stories. From then I have written several short stories and novels. If I can draw a picture to describe my childhood it would be myself surrounded with piles of notebooks and pens. I was always found writing or my nose stuck in a book that was truly the best time of my life. Oh amazing it is how far advanced our society has evolved now I can always be found typing away or my eyes glued to my Kindle Fire. It would be impossible for me to give up writing, writing is my voice.

When there’s no work it’s play time for this geeky girl in love with all things science fiction and kawaii. I am a huge Star Wars nerd and lover of the dark side of the force, hey we have cookies or so they say.

I love attending anime, steampunk, sci-fi and pop culture conventions whenever I can, cosplaying and meeting people from all around the globe.  I grew up in this nerdy world and I am absolutely in love with the creativity and diversity it holds. I’m drawn to this culture because it is accepting of everyone allowing people to come together and let their hair loose. I believe geeks are about the most  honest person you will come to meet, they do not subject their selves to follow behind the footsteps of others but instead create their own path of imagination with no shame.


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