11 Things to Geek your Pad

In preparing to move into my new apartment I have been looking around for furniture and gadgets to decorate my new space. In my voyage to obtain these items I came across many brilliant pieces that would be perfect for the homes of my fellow geeks. Liven up your space with these ten geeky home decor.

1. Han Solo Carbonite Desk

Solo seems to have a problem paying his debts now you can make sure he’ll never slip through your fingers or tentacles again. This Han Solo desk is a replica from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi

2. Nintendo Entertainment System Controller Table

Hit the start button and turn on the T.V. this is a fully functional gaming table. Reminisce over the greatest childhood games like Super Mario or Legend of Zelda while you play over a cup of coffee with this NES Controller Table

3. Star Trek Captain Kirk’s Chair

Take a seat and feel the power of controlling the Enterprise upon this prized throne of Captain Kirk’s Chair. The ultimate must have for any Trekkie; separate your chair of authority from the rest of your space. Wait does it take up too much space or do you only one to bring your Captain’s chair out in events of a galactic emergency? Well you can with the inflatable captain’s chair.

4. Wampa Rug

With half the work done thanks to Skywalker and his light saber you can now have your very own Wampa to liven up your space hassle free. Just look at that face isn’t he cute when he’s not trying to rip you in half? 😀

5. Nintendo Mario Furniture

Hide a prize within the blocks as Mario and Luigi jump to the next level with these Original Nintendo Mario shelves and accessories.

6. Pac Man Sofa

Make your living space a little classy with this ultimate classic Pac Man sofa seats. Ahh but it doesn’t feel complete without Pinky, Blinky, Inky and Clyde chasing you in terror.

7. The Waive Chaise

The ultimate gamer chair has arrived on this wave with your HDTV, games, music and just about whatever else you want to load unto this vessel W.O.W. just became a lot more comfortable and addicting with this chair.

8. Panic Button

You know you have walked by that BIG red button with the large warning sign that reads DO NOT PUSH, but you have that itching desire to push it and run like hell. Now fill your guilty pleasures to push that red button in your very home no promises of what will happen shortly after, like possible ninjas breaking in through your windows to take you down for not heading the warning signs. After all signs are meant to be read or so they say.

9. Star Trek Electronic Door Chime

Know when someone approaches your captain quarters with this Stark Trek electronic door chime. We’re bringing the 21st century back to the future.

10. Maze Door Chain

Want to keep people out of your home or maybe even in? *twirls evil mustache* Then toughen up that piece of board you call a door with this high-tech maze door chain. In events of a zombie apocalypse you may want to have a plan B fire exit.

11. Toaster Printer

Bread never has to be a boring piece of blandness, now you can spice up your breakfast with an early start to your day with an image that will smile and make you on your way to a great day. Check out this awesome toast printer.

Thanks for reading ^__^

Be Different. Be Weird. Be a Geek!


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