Batman as I remember…

When I was young and even now people would ask me who my favorite super hero was, I would tell them Batman proudly. They would then look at me with crazy eyes like out of all super heroes you choose the one with no superpowers? My answer would always be that Batman is the best super hero because he was the hero of the night that beat criminals down to their knees without the help of any mutant super powers. Yes I know Batman has help from his advanced and super cool weapons, but it takes skills and strength to successfully use those weapons to its full potential.

Batman may be one handsome devil inside a suit, but even outside of the suit he is a man who is not rendered helpless, still able to take out an enemy with no help of a weapon unlike some sadistic billionaires *cough* Tony Stark.

Batman has always been and will be my childhood hero and crush, so when Batman Begins released over the past years I enjoyed the movie but was not over thrilled. However, The Dark Knight was my favorite of the modern live action movies that released. This is mainly because of Heath Ledgers insanely remarkable performance as the psychotic Joker. The Joker overshadowed Batman’s performance; I thought this was a shame because Bale should have stepped up to the plate, after all the movie was called The Dark Knight you being the main character and all. The writers did a great job at introducing and working with the Joker’s story, though it would have totally been awesome to see Harley Quinn in the Dark Knight.

As a kid falling in love with Batman’s sideckicks and Gothams’ villains, I feel this is how children of this century should fall in love and come to know the great Batman character. The Dark Knight’s Batman is a little dreary and not so heroic as the originals. I know Batman is supposed to be coming back into the game and his re introduction is not going as planned but I supposed I just prefer the original more lively Batman.

DCs’ path has been a little unclear of where they are heading with their live action films as it doesn’t seem now they will be entwining too much of the Dark Knight comic into the movie. Hopefully they can figure out their issues soon as I’m sure a reboot will be seen in the near future, I just hope it is not a miss and fail like the Green Lantern.

I would love to see the original villains brought back again and even have Batman partnered alongside Robin, as he should have been. As cool as it would be to see my childhood movies once again on the big screen it’s a little intimidating as there is that risk that the movie will fail and my childhood memories will go down in flames.

What is your favorite DC Batman film or animated series?

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