Wonderland Designs

Jewelry by Wonderland Designs
Photo by Paw Print Photography
Model: Esperanza

Tabatha Clark, jewelry designer and owner of Wonderland Designs, has given people an outlet to fashionably showcase their geek. Clark’s passion for jewelry design started off as a hobby making bottle cap jewelry that showcased characters from sci-fi worlds such as, Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas to characters from Nintendo.

As a single mom her hobby became a full-time job as she sought to make a profit for her creative designs thus leading down the rabbit hole to the creations of Wonderland Designs. Tabby has introduced bright and unique designs to Corpus Christi, Texas bringing a new flavor of style to the south.

Still creating her original bottle cap jewelry Clark has ventured to the lands of resin creating one of a kind necklaces, rings, hair accessories and more. Many of her pieces are inspired from popular Nintendo games, Marvel and DC characters, anime and sci films, as well as pop culture from Asia to America.

Clark found there was not much of a market for gamer/nerd jewelry and wanted to appeal to that particular scene being a closet nerd herself.

Tabatha Clark jewelry designer and owner of Wonderland Designs.

The jewelry at Wonderland Designs is affordable and fabulous. You can find exclusive Wonderland Design pieces in my jewelry box. I love showing a flare of geek in my outfits if I don’t wear one of my million Star Wars and comic book hero shirts.

I have received compliments alone on my Wonderland pieces when I wear them. I think Wonderland Designs is more than a fashion statement but a gateway to conversation. People can relate and share their love for the characters and symbols represented through their jewelry and soon come to find everyone has a little geek in them even if they don’t showcase it on the outside.

I have let my nerd get out of control and purchase merchandise that is quite pricey from larger chain brands only to have it break within a few days, plus return policies most of them are just evil trappings.

Necklace by Wonderland Designs

Tabby works individually with her customers, with even offering to custom make and fit a piece just for you. I have great luck and enjoyed the quality of the products made for me from Wonderland Designs.

If you are a residing in the Corpus Christi area you can find Tabby Clark and her jewelry of Wonderland Designs on display and for sale the first Friday of every month from 5 to 9 p.m. at the Art Walk Downtown. Wonderland Designs is also set up every third Saturday of the month from 4 to 9 p.m. for Bazarr Bizarr vendor and art show located at Tango Fandango 505 South Water Street Corpus Christi, Texas; as well as Farmers Market every Wednesday from 5 to 7 p.m. also at the Tango Fandango location.

Earrings by Wonderland Designs

Stay updated with new pieces by Liking Wonderland Designs on Facebook. You can also purchase Wonderland designs on Etsy.

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