Most Valiant Hero Spiderman

Our friendly neighborhood Spiderman takes home this week’s crown for the Most Valiant Hero. He has shown his stars and stripes for his bold attempts of slinging evil from planet Earth and other terrestrial realms. A legend born from the venom of a radioactive spider, this hero masked away from society has taken deadly blows from his enemies as well as the public he loyally serves. Spiderman may not always serve in the limelight of his community, but even when casted out by society he still fights to protect those who throw stones.

Underneath the stitched suit of red and blue Spiderman shows he is not out of touch with reality as he solves the problems of the world and those in his own life. Spidey fights within himself the greed and gluttony that comes with the luxury of having a power an ordinary man wishes upon a star for, sacrificing himself emotionally and physically to protect the hearts and lives of those around him. His sacrifices have made him an idol and hero to many.

Spiderman shows being a valiant hero is more than looking good in a pair of tights and displaying your powers like fireworks, but a hero comes from the will to bring good to others.

The awakening of the hero soon to be called Spiderman was no mistake, but fate that would bring justice to those who dared it.

Make sure to check in next Tuesday to see who made the Bad Boy Villain list.

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Don’t forget to check out The Amazing Spiderman now in theaters near you!


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