Bad Boy Villain Naraku

Today marks the beginning of Tuesday’s Bad Boy Villain. Every other Tuesday a character from the realms of anime, sci-fi, comics, video games and more will be chosen to take the septor and title of Bad Boy Villain. Follow up and find out who the new BBV is and what makes them the ultimate Bad Boy Villain in geek history. Everybody loves a boy with a little attitude and a lot of bad assery that quickens your pulse.  No matter how much we know we shouldn’t fall for the bad boy for some they are the female kryptonite.

This week’s BBV comes from a dimension of spirits, demons and magic in the anime series Inuyasha. His attractive yet wicked persona has brought rage and tears to everyone he has faced ending the lives of many who dared to block his path to power. The shape shifting demon Naraku, easy on the eyes in his human form, has a vicious thirst pounding through his demonic veins leaving blood fall where ever he goes. Naraku is sworn enemy to Inuyasha for causing the death of the women he once loved Kikyo.

Battle between Naraku (left) and Sesshomaru (right)

Naraku fights for his own will as he tears apart the realms in search for the Shikon No Tama, a jewel that will make him invincible.

This smart and cunning demon has demonstrated for his enemies and spectators the power he wields without the Shikon No Tama, sending shivers down the spines of the eyes who follow him. The shape shifter is not easily shaken and defeat is a matter he does not take kindly to.

Naraku and his minions

Naraku uses his power and knowledge of dark magic to manipulate, reincarnate and slaughter to move forward in capturing all the jewel shards that will make this powerful demon indestructible. Any true villain has their minions and Naraku has had more than his fair share of minions, sacrificing them without second thought for his personal gain to power as they served him to their bitter end.

Congratulations Naraku you have shown the multiverse that behind those devilish red eyes your are one Bad Boy Villain whose path is tempting to cross. Make sure to check back in next week to see who takes home the honor of being the Most Valiant Hero, bad boys can’t get all the credit for taking their side of justice.

Who do you think you should be the next BBV or the first MVH?

Leave your answers in a comment below or tweet me


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