Where are my geeky ladies at?

This has been a busy month for me and I can barely get the chance to sit down and check my Facebook for a moment to share pictures, I know how tragic. I have been putting my blog on the last things to do on my master list this past month. This was not something that I wanted to push a side but I had no clue where my blog was taking me. After a month of debating over the consistency of my blog it wasn’t until I awoke from a nap that I realize where my blog will go.

I have seen much debate through the internet more so lately about females in geek culture, not that it is a rarity, but there is no real recognition for women who love all things geeky and nerdy. When people talk about the several aspects of geek culture they automatically relate it to males and women are left on the sideline of being represented in such an awesome culture they also grew up loving.

Of course when we see women that are represented in geek culture we often find pictures of the hot blond girl that looks like Blake Lively dressed up as Supergirl or a picture of a fantasy girl biting game controllers calling herself a gamer girl, that is about as real as the reality Jersey Shores.

While there is nothing wrong with sexing up your geek, the way women are continuously presented as being apart of geek culture is seen as the fantasy girl. The ladies who know and love anime, science fiction, comics and games I can assure you they come in all different colors, sizes and levels of fan girl crazy.

My blog will be discussing everything in geek culture and much that relates to women. This is a place for women to come and let their geek hang out. My blog is not to exclude all my nerdy men out there, you’re invited as well to come along for this adventure in a galaxy far far away.



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