Happy 35th Anniversary Star Wars!

35 years ago in a galaxy far far away light sabers clashed, storm troopers invaded the lands and the force diminished in numbers still reign the greatest power in existence. Generations have come to fall in love with the story of a war between good and evil where they find their selves cheering from both sides of the field.

The story of Star Wars has opened many realms beyond the movie screens inspiring writers to create stories about the sith and jedi around the original movie. Lucas has created a culture through this saga that has people speaking of its name every day, holding conversations for hours about this world of make-believe.

Though many fans shake their heads at some of the minor changes that Lucas has made to the original movies, with the releasing of special editions and dvds, the saga still remains one of the most popular franchises. Lucas has ingeniously opened endless doors to this legacy to continue to tell the story of Star Wars for generations to come. Children of today, as well as adults, run around in their own fantasy world filled with light sabers and droid armies forever keeping this story alive.

Star Wars is not a legend once remembered but a story whose galaxies are still being expanded, where the end is not yet to be seen. I believe the great stories of the jedis and sith will continue to pass on through generations to come. Happy 35th Anniversary Star Wars!



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