Toonami is finally back

Toonami has officially been announced to rise from the grave Saturday, May 26th on Adult Swim. Toonami has been one of the greatest memories of my childhood, running home from school every day plopping down in front of the box TV screen to watch the latest episodes of Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing and Sailor Moon.

For those unfamiliar with Toonami, this was a Cartoon Network program that ran from 1997 to 2008, airing action anime such as Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Tenchi Muyo, Samurai Jack and so much more. The show that brought much joy to the hearts of children, teenagers, and adults seeking more of a thrill in their cartoons was dismissed in 2008 with no warning sign. The dismissal of the show left many confused and frustrated thoughts and questions from their viewers. The questions left unanswered of the programs disappearance can be partially buried away as fans transfix their eyes once again to the screen like children jumping with excitement.

However, Cartoon Network attempted to make up to their fans by airing anime shows during the Adult Swim program, but this turned to be a failure. The anime series aired began to wind its way down the drain as they clearly made less of an effort to further market towards this particular audience. The demanding years and questioning for the Toonami program to re-air has finally kicked the right gears in the company’s head, to have them realize the success and popularity the program brought.

I find it absolutely amazing to see the devoted fans of Toonami back and cheering for the program’s re-airing. Now that the message has finally made its way through to the company, Cartoon Network can mend the infinite wounds of the broken hearts they made with bringing back more kick action anime to fill the guilty pleasures of their fans.

What shows do you want Toonami to air?


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