Banishing stress with the whip of creativity

Light saber steampunked and beautified for the holster of Sith Lord Brittni

When life becomes stressful you can tend to let everything boil inside like a teapot whose lid is ready to blow sky-high burning anyone who may unfortunately be standing too close.  Finding that outlet to release your emotions is vital to the health of you and those around you. Without finding an outlet to release the stress fuming inside can result in scenes that end in a disaster like the numerous explosions the Decepticons unleashed on Chicago in Transformers 3.

A scene running through your mind of Bugs Bunny joyfully taking out Elmer Fudd or anyone else that crosses that silly wabbit’s path by leading them off a cliff into a pit of bear traps may be a pleasing thought of handling your stress. In reality the consequences of thoughts actually taking place may not be worth it for some. So how can you take out that built up aggression without dropping an acme anchor on the source of your stress and worries?

My first pair of goggles I Steampunked from their original plain jane welding exterior.

Well there are countless outlets I personally have tried releasing steam through. Some of these outlets have been yoga, running, dancing but maybe the physical outlet is not the preferable method you are looking for. In this case I resort back to an old school technique I learned way back in one of my favorite grade school activities, besides nap time one of the greatest parts of the day, I’m talking about arts and crafts.

You may find this to be a childish way to release some steam but I found this to be one of the more peaceful ways of releasing stress. The idea of arts and crafts allows you to express yourself and emotions through creativity. You don’t necessarily have to go resort to finger painting, though some people still find much joy in this activity, there are several art activities you can release your stress through. This can be jewelry making, painting, creating trinkets, or sewing; the road is endless for the art you can create.

Recently in the past year I have found Steampunk to be my favored form of art as I became more involved with the Steampunk community. So instead of letting my teapot boil over I took up a pair of goggles or toy gun and began dressing this blank palette with my imagination.

Steampunk is a topic that has been floating around and leaving many fascinated but confused to what exactly it is. There is no exact definition to what Steampunk is because it changes depending on whom you are speaking to.  I find Steampunk to be a culture created from a community of people who have become inspired by the science fiction of the Industrial Age, recreating their own imaginative world to play in.

A plain toy gun I breathed life into with a little imagination and glamour.

The creativity of this community is what really caught my eye. I was fascinated to see where people’s imaginations took them to create these out of the world gadgets, weapons and costumes all in the name of science fiction. I started off small modifying toy guns and other accessories but with summer break upon me I will be taking on more complex projects.

Remember you do not have to let the stress build up inside, find something where you can release your emotions through creativity you will be thankful in the end. If you have any suggestions for topic you would like me to touch on or interested in my Steampunk creations you would like me to elaborate on make sure to do drop a comment.

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.”-Yoda


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