Hello I’m The Doctor

One of the greatest television series has captured the hearts of generations with the words “I’m the doctor!” Different faces and voices come to mind when we hear these very words. Since the black and white films of the Doctor Who series, baby boomers and others sat anticipating the episodes of the Doctor. The Doctor has regenerated its way through generations to the very present day with the eleventh doctor played by Matt Smith.

For those who are unfamiliar with Doctor Who, Doctor Who is a BBC television series about a time lord known as the Doctor who travels through time and space in his Tardis, a time traveling machine disguised as a sixty’s British Police Box. Through his time travel the doctor faces many obstacles and foes fighting to protect the universe alongside his traveling partners. Viewing the adventures from the other side of the screen you so desperately kept your mind alert for the humming sound of the Tardis. Continue reading


11 Things to Geek your Pad

In preparing to move into my new apartment I have been looking around for furniture and gadgets to decorate my new space. In my voyage to obtain these items I came across many brilliant pieces that would be perfect for the homes of my fellow geeks. Liven up your space with these ten geeky home decor.

1. Han Solo Carbonite Desk

Solo seems to have a problem paying his debts now you can make sure he’ll never slip through your fingers or tentacles again. This Han Solo desk is a replica from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi

2. Nintendo Entertainment System Controller Table

Hit the start button and turn on the T.V. this is a fully functional gaming table. Reminisce over the greatest childhood games like Super Mario or Legend of Zelda while you play over a cup of coffee with this NES Controller TableContinue reading

The Dark Knight Rises Review

The Dark Knight Rises is the last of a three-part series based off of the Dark Knight Returns comics. The Dark Knight Rises continues seven years after the death of Harvey Dent or known to few as Two Face. Christian Bale starring as Bruce Wayne, has once again hung up his black cape as he resides in the lonely darkness of his grand mansion enduring the hurt from his loved ones lost and the ridicule of Batman. Now with a new villain on the rise, Bane played by Tom Hardy, Wayne makes the decision to rise against this new enemy who seeks to bring terror through the city of Gotham. Continue reading

Batman as I remember…

When I was young and even now people would ask me who my favorite super hero was, I would tell them Batman proudly. They would then look at me with crazy eyes like out of all super heroes you choose the one with no superpowers? My answer would always be that Batman is the best super hero because he was the hero of the night that beat criminals down to their knees without the help of any mutant super powers. Yes I know Batman has help from his advanced and super cool weapons, but it takes skills and strength to successfully use those weapons to its full potential.

Batman may be one handsome devil inside a suit, but even outside of the suit he is a man who is not rendered helpless, still able to take out an enemy with no help of a weapon unlike some sadistic billionaires *cough* Tony Stark. Continue reading

Wonderland Designs

Jewelry by Wonderland Designs
Photo by Paw Print Photography
Model: Esperanza

Tabatha Clark, jewelry designer and owner of Wonderland Designs, has given people an outlet to fashionably showcase their geek. Clark’s passion for jewelry design started off as a hobby making bottle cap jewelry that showcased characters from sci-fi worlds such as, Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas to characters from Nintendo.

As a single mom her hobby became a full-time job as she sought to make a profit for her creative designs thus leading down the rabbit hole to the creations of Wonderland Designs. Tabby has introduced bright and unique designs to Corpus Christi, Texas bringing a new flavor of style to the south. Continue reading

Most Valiant Hero Spiderman

Our friendly neighborhood Spiderman takes home this week’s crown for the Most Valiant Hero. He has shown his stars and stripes for his bold attempts of slinging evil from planet Earth and other terrestrial realms. A legend born from the venom of a radioactive spider, this hero masked away from society has taken deadly blows from his enemies as well as the public he loyally serves. Spiderman may not always serve in the limelight of his community, but even when casted out by society he still fights to protect those who throw stones. Continue reading

Bad Boy Villain Naraku

Today marks the beginning of Tuesday’s Bad Boy Villain. Every other Tuesday a character from the realms of anime, sci-fi, comics, video games and more will be chosen to take the septor and title of Bad Boy Villain. Follow up and find out who the new BBV is and what makes them the ultimate Bad Boy Villain in geek history. Everybody loves a boy with a little attitude and a lot of bad assery that quickens your pulse.  No matter how much we know we shouldn’t fall for the bad boy for some they are the female kryptonite. Continue reading